It is about flexibility

Major depressive disorder is a significant problem. Current medications widely accepted in the field are well-known antidepressants that usually take weeks to months to take effect and require daily repetitive doses.

Strikingly, psilocybin (an active ingredient of certain mushrooms) takes just two days, requires one or…

A single dose of psilocybin “couples” “uncoupled” brain networks

If consciousness is a state of being awake and aware, does it mean you are unconscious in your sleep?

For many years the majority of researchers considered dreamless sleep being equal to an unconscious state. Consciousness, however, is not a binary…

Psilocybin may soon be legally available for young and old

Did you know that psychedelics acceptance is just around the corner? Robust and durable beneficial mind-altering properties of single or few-doses psilocybin can be used respectfully by carefully selected young and old individuals.

Let's be clear. Some botanicals including cannabis are currently still listed on Schedule 1 of the United…

Science is one step closer to reverse the damage of chronic stress

Stress is inevitable and suffering is universal, but victimhood is optional. The choice is yours, says Dr.Eger, who survived a concentration camp during World War II and reflected on life in her book. However, it is not easy to change the brain by using the brain itself. Stress causes maladaptive…

Patients unempowered

If Doctors are Gods, but “God complex” is a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder, what should we make of it?

Did you ever feel medical professionals do not need or value your input? Welcome to Canada’s taxpayer-funded healthcare system with no access to quality care, long waiting lists, and a…

Causes permanent brain damage

This story is not about The Virus. John Cunningham (JC) virus is usually asymptomatic. But chances if you have been exposed to this invisible enemy in your youth, you still carry it dormant inside your body. This virus may provoke life-threatening irreversible brain damage.

JC virus is one of nine…

Anna Deveaux, M.Sc.

The speed of my brain is literally my only skill. Learner, writer, biotech investor, research translation, drug development, genetics. 4-lingual.

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