One of the world’s most dangerous viruses

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

This virus is deadly and often overlooked

JC virus has been detected in the sewage system across the world, and it is unknown how the infection in humans occurs. No signs, symptoms, or diseases are associated with the primary infection. No known causes or life choices affect the incidence in the population. JC virus is a polyomavirus, and it closely related to the BK virus. Both viruses infected humans silently in childhood and were named after the initials of the first documented patient. Controversy about the origin of both BK and JC virus are abundant. There is even some evidence that the viruses can be transferred from mother to child through the placenta.

Black box warnings

Nevertheless, many mAb have so-called Black box warnings. Of the 222 drugs approved in 2001–2010, the FDA required 61 black box warnings. Sixty-nine percent of approved mAbs have the black box.

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