Next-generation of mushroom-inspired treatments

Future psychedelic derivatives may help to keep in check allergy, headache, and addiction

Next-generation of mushroom-inspired treatments
by @andeveaux

Have you heard about antihistamines? Yes, the over-the-counter medications acting on different histamine receptors to combat allergy symptoms or acid reflux. But the importance of histamine modulation goes far beyond annoying seasonal allergies.

Now, there is scientific evidence natural psychedelic mushroom-derived substance psilocybin is a histamine modulator. That is right; psilocybin is a mild antihistamine.

Psychedelic/psychoactive compounds (used in a medical context) are increasingly recognized to have enormous potential to revolutionize mental healthcare.

But what if there is an even bigger promise — a wider spectrum of disorders to be treated. Are there potential use of this new therapeutic class in dermatology, gastrointestinal disorders, or neurological conditions?

New indications are already in clinical trials

The control of histaminergic tone in the brain and body may be an exciting avenue for developing the medical treatment of a variety of treatment-resistant disorders.

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