Red African tea is hot

Always organic. Always caffeine-free

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Organic. Always

Rooibos Tea grows in a small ecological zone in South African called fynbos, found only in the Western Cape. Nine hundred distinctive plants grow in fynbos, and many have proven and patented medicinal properties. For example, Hoodia, another indigenous plant of the area, valuable for its hunger‐suppressing qualities. Rooibos is produced in the ecologically preserved zone, chances, you are drinking free of pesticide drink.

Caffeine? Not at all

You can drink it a lot. Rooibos is caffeine-free. Safe for kids, pregnant women and over-caffeinated rest of us trying to kick the caffeine habit.

Health benefits

Consumption of tisanes is a fast and easy way to increase your intake of a variety of potentially health-promoting phytochemicals. Rooibos tisanes have been employed as a folk remedy and used by traditional medicines to treat asthma, colic, eczema, headache, nausea and mild depression. Rooibos has been used as an anti-hypertensive, immune stimulant, laxative, sedative and spasmolytic agent as well as for the treatment of atherosclerosis and diabetes. Brewed rooibos tea (1 tsp/cup) contains 300 mg of protein with the amounts of Copper and Manganese providing 7.8% and 2.2% of the daily value (DV).

Green or red?

This herbal tea comes in fermented ( Red Rooibos) or unfermented (Green Rooibos) form. The unfermented product remains green in colour and referred to as green Rooibos. During fermentation, the colour changes from green to red with the oxidation of the constituent polyphenols, so the final product is often referred to as red tea or red bush tea. This tea has different grades. More leaves than stems used higher the grade is. The top grades have very deep whiskey coloured drink and difficult to find.

What else? Give your hair colour a boost

Several commercial skin and hair product use Rooibos extract prepared in glycerin and water. Proven as anti-irritant, antioxidant for skin it also preserves and protects hair colour. Soak equal parts of leaves and cold water for 30 min and apply on wet hair as a treatment mask.

Ice tea

The fresh taste is addictive when properly steeped, chilled and consumed. It has liver detoxifying properties. Especially refreshing and tasty when prepared with mint, stevia or honey.

Is it safe?

According to a report from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Boston, people drinking Rooibos for ten weeks (2 g of Rooibos steeped in 100 ml of water) did not have any side effects just beneficial ones.

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