Some patients recover fast, but some are gravely affected

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he medical system will be overwhelmed. All over the world. Unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak demands science and media to communicate the proper and timely information to maximize global awareness. Eighty percent of our future success depends on every single person — healthy or not. It depends on how socially aware are we.

Wuhan informed doctors of patient populations that are at considerable risk of not recovering. That data could potentially save lives.

Chinese scientists looked into available statistics of 150 hospitalized cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan. They sought to understand the clinical signs pointing toward a severe case of the disease.

Out of that specific hundred fifty cases of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, 68 patients died (45%), and 82 patients recovered ( 55%). To be discharged from the hospital, the patient must have been fever-free for three days, have improved respiratory function, and have two consecutive negative COVID-19 tests. Age is the main factor; the majority of patients in that hospitalized group who were over 66 years old have died from COVID-19. Every single patient younger than 40 years old has recovered. There was no difference between men and women. However, the majority of patients who did not improve, died between day 12 and day 28, starting from the onset of symptoms. Respiratory failure and cardiac damage caused fatal outcome in most cases.

Most important factors contributing to a fatal outcome

  • Age over 60
  • Heart disease
  • Secondary infections
  • Other underlying diseases

Can the COVID-19 infection reoccur after the recovery? An important question was answered just days ago by another group of researchers in China by following up infected rhesus macaques. Infected rhesus macaques did develop immunity, but it is not yet clear how long that immunity will last. That has major implications for teams trying to develop future vaccines.

Only in the US, it is estimated that the medical system will require 65 000 of respiratory ventilators and 200 000 of ICU beds to accommodate the patients in April 2020.

And every single one of us can do something today to prevent a fatality.

Get informed

Get responsible


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