The science behind a good eye cream

Four rules for finding the winning formula

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Three eye cream no-no’s

An ingredient that a good eye cream or serum should not contain is fragrances. Fragrance-free cream is less likely to irritate delicate thin skin around the eyes. Prostaglandin analogs can temporarily cause discoloration around the eyes. Hyperpigmentation occurs due to the increased transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin. Fortunately, dark circles due to prostaglandin disappear when treatment is discontinued. Retinol is used in much lower concentration in an eye potion compared to the face cream. Retinol is a known skin irritant and used to peel old skin slowly.

Other tricks (appeal, conceal and illusion)

Studies from Japan reported phenomena when the appearance of dark circles fluctuate dung the day for an unknown reason. If using makeup, add green pigment to the foundation base to conceal under the eyes area. A cream containing optical diffusers can help with the perception of the pigment under eyes and make you look more refreshed.

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